Please note we do not guarantee your story will be published. If your story is not not published within 14 working days you will receive a full refund. We are the only PR team to offer a refund if you are not published. 

VOGUE £2000
VOX £1400
CNBC £2000
WSJ £2000
Forbes £1600
Entrepreneur £1600
Mashable £1600
CNN £1600
Fast Company £2000 £1800

for others please request quotation.


How it works. 

  1. You send us details about yourself / business and so on.
  2. Then we prepare an article (if you prepare and article for you based on the information given) – £100 charge for this (or you can send your own)
  3. You will approve the final article
  4. You will pay the fee for the media outlet you would like to be viewed. (this fee must be paid in full before we can submit your article forward)
  5. We wait 7 days days to get your publication approved. (If it is not up within 14 working days you will receive a full refund)


Contact us for more information or case studies. 


Please note we do not advertise client case studies publicly and happy to sign NDA’s.